Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer is a fun puzzle game where players just need to touch the ball and drag it in the opposite direction of the throw. Each thrown ball requires the player to defeat all opponents in the way. This is definitely based on the strategy of creating good ball movement. Each success will have the opportunity to unlock more difficult levels.

Variety of challenging levels

The game's creative gameplay brings a new breeze to football. Instead of the usual way of playing, shoot the ball straight into the goal and score. In this new game, shoot the ball to successfully knock down opponents standing in the path of movement. You should create zigzag paths to increase the success rate. Only one throw can be made towards the opponent at a time. 

Outstanding features

  • The game requires good use of strategy to bring success to each shot.
  • The graphics are beautiful and visually pleasing throughout the challenge.
  • Diverse challenging levels bring greater appeal for players to venture deeper into the round.

How to play

Drag the ball in the opposite direction from where it is moving to create better momentum. Create the best moves to make an instant shot.

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