Shoot a Goal!

Shoot a Goal!

Embark on training and improving your Shoot a Goal! skills full of art in the famous football sport. Overcome defenses and obstacles to score high. Don't lose focus when the goal position changes. Designed with many levels ready for you to practice a lot. Make it a habit to participate in the training process every day when you only need a simple internet connection.

Outstanding features

  • Diverse levels with gradually improving training modes so you can gradually adapt to increasingly difficult challenges.
  • Choose a position to shoot the ball with appropriate force to make each successful shot into the goal.
  • The goal posts are in both dynamic and static states to increase the fun of each level.

How to play

Drag to use the power to execute and choose the direction of movement for the ball effectively. The field simulates realistic ball physics. Immerse yourself in your new role and enjoy a whole new role-playing experience. 

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