Ski Rush

Ski Rush

Ski Rush brings a winter atmosphere with eye-catching skiing performances overcoming obstacles. Go through slopes with varying heights. Satisfy your eyes with challenges that appear unexpectedly. Master your skateboard and understand the terrain to be able to navigate best. Quick reflexes to avoid obstacles in the way. Practice as a completely new snowboarder. Learn techniques and find your own. Use it as an impressive highlight for your gameplay.

3D graphics recreate the terrain ski field space with alternating high and low slopes. Ensure true standards to bring high authenticity. Stay away from trees, jump over holes, or slide quickly to reach the finish line. All techniques are easy to perform. Master your skateboard and understand the rules of professional competition to further improve your skills.

How to play

Skiing has always been a sport that thrives on cold terrain. Conditions are suitable for people to come into contact with another unique art. Mouse to move the character to avoid it and jump skillfully.

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