Soccer Snakes

Soccer Snakes

Show off your snake control dexterity and excellent goal defense and attack skills to win against your opponents in Soccer Snakes. Open up exciting competitions. Take advantage of the snake's flexibility and control the ball effectively. Observe your opponents and come up with the right strategy to win the ball back for your team. Play mode with AI opponents or friends is easy for you to choose and get the most out of. Don't be shy; start the match right away.

Impressive features

  • It is easy to use the snake to wrap around the ball and hold it to prevent opponents from stealing it.
  • Strongly attack the opponent's goal when given the opportunity by skillfully controlling the ball.
  • Bright 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay provide a truly challenging experience.

How to play

  • Press the space key to start the intense match.
  • Player 1: Control via arrow keys
  • Player 2: Move through the WAD keys.

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