Speedy Golf

Speedy Golf

Speedy Golf is a fun golf game that demonstrates your hand-strength skills and awareness of target position to successfully put the ball in the hole. There is a limit to the number of shots you can make. Don't worry; when you get familiar with the gameplay, you will never run out of shots. Play two 18-hole par 72 courses within a given time period. Race against the clock and increase the pressure of the challenges to maximize your skills.

Outstanding features

  • Player characters practice realistic golf techniques in this online physical sports game. 
  • The playground is designed to be wide with a driving distance to create opportunities for players to practice effective playing techniques. 
  • Vivid graphics provide a good atmosphere to make the most of dynamic gameplay in sports.

How to play

Notice the two status bars on the screen for speed and distance. Based on the observation of the target position, make an appropriate shot. Successfully put the ball in the hole and explore other diverse missions.

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