Stickman Brawler

Stickman Brawler

Are you ready for the new Stickman Brawler journey, where you navigate a non-stop battlefield? Fight with opponents and exploit skills. Observe and attack enemies with precise blows at the right time. Exploit three maximum skills, such as the ability to increase strength, summon golems, and transform giants. Unlock achievements and collect town resources to get more power for your character. Collect cards for exciting new skins.


  • Dynamic stickman battle: Fight against waves of stickman enemies, using maximum powers to increase your odds of victory. Observe your opponent and strike a decisive blow quickly.
  • Unlock skins: Collect cards throughout your journey to unlock many new skins for your stickman. Build a character image with impressive characteristics and explosive power when fighting.
  • Achievement system: Test your skills and progress by unlocking many in-game achievements.
  • Diverse abilities: Choose from a range of abilities, including claw kicking, golem summoning, and transformation, allowing for diverse combat strategies.

How to play

Take control of a stickman warrior and move around the arena. Move the mouse to perform easy actions.

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