Super Snappy Hoops

Super Snappy Hoops

Super Snappy Hoops is a basketball arcade game that focuses on high-intensity streetball action. For the ultimate pick-up game experience, players assume the roles of over-the-top athletes with unique special moves.

The controls are quick and easy to use, with a single button for turbo charged dribbling, dunks, fakes, and more. Combinations of ankle-breaking crossovers and jaw-dropping flashy dunks are created by timing your button presses.

Matches are held on street courts in front of large crowds. Courts range from local neighborhood blacktops to famous international venues such as Harlem's Rucker Park. Before hitting the court, dress up your baller in streetwear fashions and swagger.

Super Snappy Hoops, with its pumped-up hip hop soundtrack, delivers larger-than-life basketball excitement. Different gameplay modes, such as 100 point battles and 3v3 crew battles, provide quick pick-up-and-play challenges. Every move looks epic thanks to the dynamic camera angles.

Super Snappy Hoops combines the pace and theatrics of arcade basketball with modern urban style, making it ideal for hoop fans looking for fast, high-flying gameplay without complex controls or strategy. Choose your player, put on your sneakers, and prepare to shake and bake on streets all over the world.

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