T20 Cricket

T20 Cricket

T20 Cricket welcomes you to the exciting game of cricket, immersing yourself in the brilliant atmosphere of an intense match. As a Bangladesh player, can you reverse the situation to win against New Zealand? The setting is a bustling stadium filled with passionate fans. Their cheers echoed around you as you stepped onto the lush green field. Play your role and start swinging your bat to block attacks from your opponent. Each time you succeed, the distance to completing the mission score gets closer and closer. Get started and show off your skills in this exciting discipline.

How to play

The ball is released at an extremely fast speed. Just by missing a beat, you will definitely miss the opportunity to win points. Practice observation and skills in precise shooting. Prevent the ball from moving successfully and get points. Click for each putt. The gameplay is actually simple, but the task is not entirely easy. Be quick and have good reflexes to understand the rules of the game. Practice unique skills to face all unexpected situations.

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