Tap Dunk Basketball

Tap Dunk Basketball

Tap Dunk Basketball is an unending game where the object is to shoot the ball through the goal while using difficult controls. The difficulty of the control comes from having to precisely forecast when to put the ball into the basket. The ball always flies to a specific height and approaches the ring with just one touch. Toss the ball higher, tap more than once. Over time, you'll become accustomed to ball control. To increase your score, swing repeatedly while avoiding touching the ring. The first song in the series is worth two points, followed by three points for the second song and so on. Earn accomplishments to unlock all of the balls. Good fortune!

Toss the ball up, tap. The ball will fly higher if you push the button numerous times. There is no need to hold or swipe your finger or cursor; just tap to control the ball. Combo: To get additional points, perform clean throws (without touching the ring) one after the other. Good fortune!

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