The Ball Bounces

The Ball Bounces

Explore city streets filled with beauty and mystery as you steer the ball forward in The Ball Bounces. Obstacles are not obstacles when you master the skills and strategies of navigating the ball. Defeat the opponents that stand in your way and hit the basketball hoops. Humming along to the melody to have dance moves that match the rhythm and complete the mission successfully.

Interesting point of the game

The Ball Bounces involve movement, energy, and force. Control a ball that is dropped from a certain height and bounces back after hitting the ground. Analyze the motion of the ball and the forces acting on it to adjust the height when bouncing the ball. Successfully avoid the threats and collect the wads of money that appear, moving forward.

How to play

The Ball Bounces is a great example of a simple yet engaging physics-based game. The player can control the direction of the ball by clicking the mouse. Journey with impressive graphic design that realistically depicts common details in the city. The routes have unique arrangements with their own styles of challenges. 

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