1 On 1 Soccer

1 On 1 Soccer

1 On 1 Soccer presents an exciting soccer match that tests the players' passing, passing, and kicking skills. Win against your opponents in a fast-paced game with a lead. Score successfully against your opponents and defend your own goal. These things all require the player to have quick reactions, character control skills, and timing. Each shot needs to be timed correctly to create a good probability of success. 

Exciting competitive gameplay

The game brings you closer to your favorite country to successfully bring them to victory. You can easily choose your country and start the intense match. Feel the nervous atmosphere on the field during tense moments. Observe the opponent's direction of movement to successfully steal the ball and reach the opponent's goal. Defend and attack at the same time to achieve convincing goals.

How to play

The player will control a soccer player, and you will need to dribble, pass, and shoot skillfully. Move the ball through the defense to successfully get a shot opportunity. Control every action more smoothly with the arrow keys or WASD.

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