2 Player Imposter Soccer

2 Player Imposter Soccer

Are you prepared to engage in the thrilling duel in 2 Player Imposter Soccer? If you're ready, I won't keep you waiting any longer; let's get started. Because an ideal game of head soccer for two players is just waiting for you to play it, You can play against dozens of actual players in this little soccer game, or you can challenge your pals to a match in the mode that allows for two players. You can exercise control over the ball by jumping and moving in both forward and backward directions. Put your best effort into scoring in the rival team's net. The winner of the game is the player who has scored the most goals up until the final whistle. This incredibly enjoyable game is appropriate for kids to play. Let's get the game started, dominate, and make ourselves a household name in football!

Player 1; Jump: Up Arrow Left: Left Arrow, Right: Right Arrow, Kick: P or Down Arrow
Player 2: Jump: W, Left: A, Right: D, Kick: S


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