Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush

Cluster Rush is a thrilling first-person platform game that will test your agility, coordination, and quick reactions. In this game, you jump between a series of moving trucks without getting off the path. The challenge will increase as you progress through the game's 35 levels, testing your concentration to the max.

Simple but attractive

You must jump, slide, and cling to the truck to avoid falling. The trucks move at different speeds and in different directions, making it difficult to stay on track. The game's graphics are beautiful, with vivid colors and smooth animations that make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

How to play

Cluster Rush is a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. It requires quick reflexes and a sharp mind to successfully pass the levels. With engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and challenging levels, this is a game not to be missed.

  • Click the left arrow key or the A key: Move left
  • Click the right arrow key or D key: Move right
  • Press the space key or J key: Jump up

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