Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz

Goalkeeper Wiz has thrilling moments when the goalkeeper stops a series of shots that decide the match result. Play your new role and practice accurate directional judgment skills. Not only do you need to observe well, but you also need to direct the ball toward the goal. Show your bravery with your golden hands and successfully block shots. Put on your gloves and start observing now!

How to play

Tips and tricks

The game begins when the player chooses a country to join. Observe the entire field to judge the players' movements. Quick reflexes are essential when defending the goal. The shot only takes place in a very short time and requires high concentration. Your team will score a goal for every three saves that are made successfully. Take advantage of the opportunity and successfully complete your mission as a player.


Move the gloves to get into position to prevent the ball from scoring, move the gloves into position. Dexterity is needed to ensure appropriate height and angle when successfully blocking the ball. Practice a lot to better understand the game rules.

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