Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga

Embark on an adventure with Mini Golf Saga, set on a picturesque beach and featuring multiple levels of play. Make perfect strokes to get the ball into the hole and earn the key to the next level. The fewer attempts you make, the more you demonstrate your skill level. Plan your shots intelligently! Calculate the optimal force, momentum, and direction for hitting the ball in as few shots as feasible. Enjoy easy and colorful 3D graphics and build methods that will help you win. Complete the goal and achieve a high score.

How to play

Touch and hold the ball. Drag the mouse away from the ball to control the direction and pace of your swing. For the purpose of shooting the ball, release it. Make sure the ball is within the field's bounds; otherwise, you'll have to start over. A similar thing happens when you shoot the ball into the sea.

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