Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023

Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023

Real World Soccer Cup Flicker 3D 2023 introduces a variety of exciting soccer game modes that bring you closer to genuine soccer. Make the most of your soccer abilities. Make precise shots on goal to score points. Complete the goals for each match. Experiment with a range of flexible shooting angles. Skillfully navigate past the goalkeeper and get points for your squad.

Various exercise modes

  • Time: Compete against time to maximize your abilities. Experiment with varying shooting positions. Get a greater score than your opponents before the match expires.
  • Target: Each round, the ball is kicked at the set target. Players' observation and shooting skills develop as a result of the hard training regimen.
  • Knockouts: Make crucial passes and score points to propel the team. Each execution of the shot series must ensure great precision.
  • 2 Player Free Kicks: Challenges make things more fun. You join and start exploring right away.

How to play

With your mouse, you can easily control the ball. It is simple to select the optimal shot angle and force. Begin immediately, and kick your opponents' goals into the stadium.

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