Rolly Basket

Rolly Basket

Rolly Basket brings a new challenge worth conquering and defeating opponents for basketball fans. Throw the ball accurately into the basket post and move the truck to the first target position. Compete with your opponents and show off your one-shot shooting talent. Concentrate on shooting successfully, even in the face of the movement of the basket post. 

Compete with online opponents

The game increases the fun when players compete one-on-one with AI online opponents. Throw the ball quickly and accurately to make your truck move to the next location on the journey. Throw successfully until the truck reaches the target location to complete the mission. Diverse levels to explore and ready to unlock. Your opponent is also strong, so be careful to ensure you get the chance to win first. 

How to play


Pull the ball with the appropriate amplitude to make accurate throws. Practice many times to get familiar with navigating the ball. Easily find the right method for each pitch.

Tips to play

  • Players need to stay focused and calm to make each throw accurately.
  • Choose when to shoot because, while performing the task, the basket post moves or stands still.

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