Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 is an exciting cross-platform running game in a space tunnel with a variety of threats and traps. Take the alien character through the void and successfully explore the universe. The miniature universe image really brings a more exciting experience when running. The journey goes as far as possible. The key to success is definitely based on good observation ability, sharpness, and good reflexes. Quickly give directions to avoid falling into deep holes. The tunnel space is mainly designed based on realistic outer space.

The gameplay is simple but attractive

The game actually has many diverse levels of space challenges. Enticing players into a unique journey of discovery. Go through each location to receive the key to open the next challenge. Certainly, the difficulty is getting higher and higher. At the same time, the level of visual deception is also meticulously designed. Just losing focus will cause the character to be trapped. Once you fall into the void, the mission will certainly fail.

How to play

Tips to play

The game needs to implement flexible control for the character to move left, right, or jump.The time for the character to jump needs to be precise so as not to fall into space or collide with obstacles.Collect energy and upgrade your character with more advanced skills to support the sprinting process.


Easily let the character run quickly through flexible spaces via the arrow keys or WASD. Get started and plan your time to execute your strategic move.

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