Soccer Basketball

Soccer Basketball

Soccer Basketball is definitely an interesting combination of two famous sports using the rules of basketball and soccer. Pull the ball with full force to create strength for each throw. Choose the appropriate position to successfully shoot the ball into the basket. The maximum is three times the ball falls out, and when exceeded, the mission fails. 

The game has interesting gameplay

The playing format of Soccer Basketball is creative when it highlights the characteristics of the two sports, basketball and soccer. Choose the playing field as grass and control the ball to score in the basketball basket. The position of the basket post will change when going deeper into the mission. Players definitely need to practice a lot to have the skills to cope with situations well. 

Impressive features

  • The game has an interesting combination of football and basketball.
  • Easily practice accurate basketball aiming and dodging skills regardless of position.
  • There are a maximum of three incorrect shots at the basket post.

How to play

Stretch the ball as much as possible to create momentum for each throw to be more powerful.

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