Soccer Championship 2023 HTML5

Soccer Championship 2023 HTML5

The atmosphere in the stadium is hotter than ever among the teams competing in the Soccer Championship 2023 HTML5 tournament. Both taking on the role of team manager and playing the role of a player participating in competitions. Completely immerse yourself in different feelings, from nervousness, anxiety, and joy to bursting with goals. Coordinate with teammates and make skillful passes. Score goals that overwhelm your opponents and advance to the final round of the famous tournament. Get past the opponent's defense and goalkeeper and shoot the ball into the opponent's goal.

Attractive features

  • The game accurately simulates the process of a World Cup match.
  • Players feel the atmosphere from singing the national anthem to arranging the team and coordinating their matches.
  • Control the moving character and perform realistic 3D physics football simulation moves.

How to play

  • WASD for walking
  • K sprint
  • Make short passes with N and long passes with M.
  • Shoot the ball when given the opportunity and space.

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