Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

Squad Goals: Soccer 3D

Squad Goals: Soccer 3D is an arcade-style soccer game with simple touchscreen controls and 3D graphics. In a match against the opposing team, the player coaches and directs a team of five cartoon animal characters.

The opponent's side is seen from behind your team during gameplay. By drawing paths and tapping to pass, shoot, sprint, tackle, and perform special moves, you can control how a player moves.

Matches are played on vibrant stadium fields in front of enthusiastic crowds. Multiplayer, exhibition, and tournament game modes are available. You can change the attire, accessories, and more for your squad.

Although anyone can play, it takes practice and dexterity to master skill moves like zigzag dribbling, curving shots, and targeted passing. Based on attributes, AI teammates behave realistically.

You choose your team, make substitutions, and decide on your tactics and formations before games. You manage one player at a time while controlling others in the game. Special powerups give advantages.

Squad Goals adapts soccer for touchscreens in a fun pick-up-and-play package with its casual gameplay, role-playing team management elements, and kid-friendly art style.

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