Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition

Super Soccer Noggins - Xmas Edition keeps you entertained during the holidays by including exciting soccer matches. When choosing a character, you will meet famous real-life football heroes. Begin the game by selecting a team, your favorite character, and joining the matches. You will participate in one-on-one competitions for a set length of time. The clock will appear in the upper corner of the screen. Use your soccer skills quickly to put goals into the other team's net. You may use your entire body to move the ball and score goals. In the remaining time, score as many goals as you can. 

How to play


Control the ball strategically until it is in the position to take the shot. Each scoring step necessitates precise placement and shot force. Get past the defense and send the ball directly into the goal. The higher the score, the better it demonstrates your ability.


Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to move the character.

Mouse: Instantly and accurately shoots the ball into the goal.

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