2D Basketball Runner

2D Basketball Runner

The virtual basketball world playground is ready in 2D Basketball Runner, helping you become a talented player with skillful dribbling skills. Guide the ball through challenging paths with diverse trap designs. The goal is simple: dribble the ball as far as possible. Don't let obstacles become a threat to conquering high scores. Learn control skills to let the ball move forward, backward, or jump flexibly. Prove your talent with this exciting, fast-paced sports game.

Attractive features

  • Dribbling skills: This is really an important skill to both let the ball move far and successfully overcome obstacles. Learn and practice ball control to go as far as possible. Many levels are waiting for you to unlock and challenge them.
  • Challenging obstacles: The further you progress into the next round, the more diverse challenges open up. The obstacle course has flexibility to match the difficulty through: opponents, swinging pendulum, rolling basketball, and distance between road segments. Always create something new and attractive.

How to play

The diverse levels really facilitate your training and practice. Overcome obstacles while holding the left mouse button on the ball and navigating the direction of movement. Success is actually not that simple. However, as long as you understand the rules and methods, winning is easy. Reach high scores and create new records for yourself.

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