Archery King

Archery King

Archery King brings the sport of archery closer to participants through an appealing online environment. Become a master of amazing techniques. Enter the realm of precise archery techniques. With 24 stages of increasing complexity, test your shooting and targeting abilities. Through varied encounters, you will be immersed in exciting games with simple controls. Your shot accuracy determines how many points you score. Collect the greatest equipment and compete against others.

How to play


Click or tap and hold to pull the bowstring back, then release to send your arrow flying. While the early levels appear simple, learning the mechanics becomes more vital as you move through the more challenging sections

Tips and tricks

Get acquainted with the controls because time and precision are important in this game. Be aware of any wind components that may cause your arrow to fly away. Finally, practice is key; don't be disappointed if you miss a few times; just keep pointing and shooting!

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