Basket King

Basket King

Basket King breaks new ground with creative gameplay that puts players to the test of their ability to accurately throw the ball into the basket. Control the basket column to successfully let the ball enter to score points for your achievements. Don't let the ball fall out more than three times, or the mission will definitely fail. The higher the receiving score, the higher the chance of successfully throwing the ball into the basket. Diverse challenging levels are ready for players to unlock more. Come and conquer new records now. 

Practice ball-throwing skills

The novel way of controlling the basket post brings strong attraction to the player community. Instead of controlling the ball to score, the game puts the player in control of the basket post. Each time you successfully catch the ball correctly, you will get the corresponding score. But when the ball falls out, you definitely need to be more cautious. Catch the ball a lot to practice quick reflexes. 

Outstanding features

  • The game has creativity in gameplay when you only need to control the ball basket to successfully put the ball through the net.
  • The graphics are simple but developed according to the famous basketball theme.
  • Easily practice many times to get used to the gameplay and skill control methods.

How to play

Move the ball basket to simple positions when using the mouse. Observe to judge where the ball will fall into the basket. Practice to create absolute accuracy every time you catch the ball.

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