Basketball Master

Basketball Master

Can you easily withstand the time pressure when practicing accurate basketball shooting skills in Basketball Master? Choose a throwing position to create movement amplitude for each throw. You need to be quick and focused to score points with each successful shot. Once the time limit is exceeded, the challenge will definitely fail. Become a master of any shooting position and pressure when shooting the ball into the basket.

Impressive features

  • Time: The game is interesting, with a short amount of time for each throw made. Just complete it within the allotted time, and you'll be able to explore more diverse challenges. Each time you succeed, the position of the basket pole will change. You can easily practice throwing at any distance.
  • Diverse challenges: Only when you successfully shoot the ball can you easily discover more of the fun of Basketball Master. The basket poles change flexibly and have different heights for better shooting. Practice a lot to master the throwing technique. Use that as a strength to develop your unique skills.

How to play

Click to move the ball higher into a suitable position for dropping the ball into the basket. The ball moves automatically, and without control, it will fall down automatically. Pay attention and throw the ball accurately!‚Äč

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