BBall Pro League

BBall Pro League

BBall Pro League takes place in an exciting basketball qualifying match between two teams playing to advance deeper into the next round and win the championship. Make a team selection and have someone accompany you throughout the season. Observe the position and know how to shoot the ball into the basket accurately. For each success, your team will receive the corresponding number of points. Score more points within 75 seconds of the match to win convincingly. 

Compete within the specified time

Every match that takes place is really tense and stimulates an atmosphere of good competition. The opposing team will be randomly selected when you choose a team to compete with. As long as you lead by less than one point before the end of time, your team will definitely win. Done easily when you need to have the technique of accurately throwing a basketball right into the basket. Practice a lot to practice and increase the rate of completing tasks well. 

Impression features 

  • The bunny characters playing the roles of players bring a new atmosphere to the basketball game genre.
  • The two-team competition format brings effective competition and stimulates the atmosphere in the field.
  • Realistic depiction of the character's moves, realistic basketball competition rules.
  • Vivid set graphics with colorful images and sounds add excitement to the atmosphere.

How to play

Every movement is easily done when controlled with the mouse. Move in the direction of the arrow so that the ball has a good throwing position. Throwing the ball into the basket at a high rate provides better development space for players.

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