Count and Bounce

Count and Bounce

Welcome to the Count and Bounce challenge of navigating the ball forward without falling out. Control the boxes to create an uninterrupted path for the ball. Just adjust the boxes slowly, and the ball will definitely fall out. You need to start the mission again. There will be calculation questions on several tiles, and you need to choose the best tile to bounce based on the number of balls you have. Multiply the number of balls to move a long distance. The levels will have diverse challenge designs. Play now, and good luck. 

Diverse gameplay

Instead of controlling the ball's movement, in the game, the player needs to move the cells. Cleverly match the road segments together. Don't let the ball fall out. Stunning 3D graphics provide dynamic and satisfying gameplay. You can easily enjoy the variety of platforming challenges.

How to play

Drag the boxes to slide left or right dynamically. Quick hands and quick eyes create seamless travel routes.

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