Cricket Legends

Cricket Legends

Are you confident in your cricket ball-striking techniques when competing in Cricket Legends? Prepare to experience one of your favorite sports. Step into the shoes of your favorite player and prepare to compete in a crucial match. Make amazing photos by timing your movements precisely. Improve a player's performance to overcome difficult challenges. Use your unique abilities to ensure success with each shot.

How to play


Use the mouse to aim and swing the club, keeping an eye on the ball's trajectory. A well-timed click produces effective photographs. Upgrade your player with earned points to improve performance.

Tips and tricks

Keep an eye on the ball's trajectory when your opponent throws it, and prepare to whack it with your huge stick. Move the ball far from the playing area. Score as many points as possible to achieve the highest score on the scoreboard. Timing is essential, so learning perfect timing might result in stronger shots. Monitor the pitcher's hand motions and ball release point. Predict the trajectory of the ball.

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