Easter Eggventure

Easter Eggventure

Easter Eggventure offers an exciting puzzle journey when finding the exact number of Easter eggs required. Complete missions and race against time to unlock more difficult levels. Looking at vivid art paintings can easily fool your eyes. Start playing and clearly classify Easter eggs and regular eggs. Many levels are ready to be unlocked for you to experience. Collect them all and complete the levels with good observation skills and acumen. 

Vivid graphics with harmonious color combinations. Players will be easily fooled if they don't pay attention. Discover colored eggs in different hidden locations. Many Easter eggs are hidden behind objects of the same color. Will it be easy to complete the task? Only when starting can it be easy to find answers. I wish you lots of luck when playing. 

How to play

Click on the egg location to collect. You need to complete the mission before the specified time to unlock another level.

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