Extreme Volleyball

Extreme Volleyball

Discover a new breath of exciting volleyball-themed online games with unique gameplay in Extreme Volleyball. Control and send bombs into your opponent's field to trigger an explosion. Time in each round is limited, so limit bombs on your side of the field. Each player can only touch the bomb a maximum of three times. When it is exceeded, it will definitely explode. You need to keep the bomb and increase your score ahead of your opponent to have a chance to win. Limiting the time of each round of competition will provide space for good development. Make your character move flexibly and attack opponents strategically.

Exciting competitive gameplay

Actually, instead of using a regular ball like in volleyball, the object that needs to be controlled is the bomb. The stimulation time for each detonation is limited to three touches. When the limit is reached, the side holding the ball will definitely be affected. Try to control the bombs to blow up the opponent's field. There are customizations for the number of bombs and detonation time. Doing a time challenge will definitely make you more excited, right? Don't hesitate, and join the contest now.

How to play

Take control easily while making moves with the left and right arrow keys.Jump up to hit the bomb head via the up arrow key or space.

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