Hockey World Cup 2024

Hockey World Cup 2024

The Hockey World Cup 2024 brings you closer to the world-famous hockey game with interesting rules. Enter the field, choose your team's flag, and use all your advanced abilities to win this fierce competition. Your goal is to put as many pugs in the goal as possible in the remaining one minute. Timed throws are performed, with only ten seconds per throw to avoid long aiming. Is it easy to succeed?

How to play

Tips to play

Understand the rules of the sport of hockey and know what you need to do. Place the pug on your opponent for the remainder of the match. Time happens really quickly, so players need good reflexes and accurate throwing skills. Once you are familiar with it, you will be able to develop a strategy for each shot you make towards your opponent. The opposing player is observing your actions so deceived and making a successful pug placement. 3D graphics recreate the majestic stadium frame with full structure as in reality. Enjoy the fun of participating in an exciting competition match.


Click to make successful ball moves.

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