Impossible Going Ball

Impossible Going Ball

Sharp reflexes control the ball to move forward, collect gold coins, and avoid obstacles with the Impossible Going Ball. Familiar arcade game but brings many unexpected innovations. Each route has its own challenges waiting for you to unlock. Fly up to perform jumps, and move sideways to avoid threats from obstacles. The main bright background colors add vibrancy to each play. The route and speed always change to suit each challenge. The more difficult it is, the more it arouses the player's desire to conquer. Let's start and join this new, challenging journey.

How to play

Tips to win

The game is really not difficult to control, but you need to know the rules. The keys to success are precision, acumen, and good strategy. Getting the balloon up or moving to the sides depends on the setup details. Be observant so that upcoming obstacles won't hinder your progress.

How to control

Click on the screen to make movements and smoothly move the ball far. It is easy to be entertained for hours by this simple challenge with intuitive controls.

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