Mad Race! Fury Road

Mad Race! Fury Road

Fuel up your motorbike and perform precise shooting in the tactical action game Mad Race! Fury Road. The extraordinary adventure of racing games immerses you in a world of non-stop chases. Enjoy the thrill and release of the wind rushing through your hair. The stage is set for an escape, where every twist and turn promises heart-pounding action. An adrenaline-filled spectacle will unfold before your eyes, offering many opportunities to demonstrate your skills. 

Exciting chases with opponents

It is not just the engaging gameplay that makes Mad Race! Fury Road is also shown through encounters with opponents. M gives you the opportunity to use super-accurate shooting as a powerful weapon at your disposal. Participate in epic battles that require steadfast focus and quick reflexes. Make sure every shot is deployed strategically to stop the enemy.

How to play

Get ready to have a whirlwind experience every moment. The game is more than just the pursuit of victory; it encapsulates the pursuit of freedom. Feel the thrill of thrilling racing matches combined with precise aiming skills. Control the car to move to perform all actions when left-clicking.

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