Music Rush

Music Rush

Join famous music melodies and connect notes to become a complete song with Music Rush. Jump over platforms and dodge obstacles. Explore the world of music with iconic stars. With just one touch, the character successfully jumps to higher platforms. Try out 15 original songs and find the genre that suits you best: electronic, rock, disco, pop, K-pop, classic, etc. Play and listen to really catchy melodies.

Impressive features

  • The game offers diverse genres for players to enjoy, from light music to strong, vibrant music.
  • The process of participating in the game is like the process of completing a piece of music with each note put together.
  • Beautiful and bright 3D colors transport you to the music world, where performances are taking place.

How to play

Jump up and don't touch the obstacles to unlock all the tracks. It is as simple as clicking and making a jump. Do not let the icon fall into empty spaces. Get started and move forward with your exciting musical journey now!

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