Puppet Hockey Battle

Puppet Hockey Battle

With the Puppet Hockey Battle challenge, let us play hockey! This online sports game features teams from across the world competing. Choose a country and help it win the World Hockey Championship. Skate, jump, and shoot balls. Score a goal by reacting quickly and timing your shot just right. Stand back and defend your goal against your opponent's shots. The side with the most points at the end of the 60th match triumphs.

How to play

With precise timing and deft manipulation, you can control your puppeteer. The controls are simple: move back and forth using the keys while attempting to hit the ball into your opponent's net. As you progress, you'll face more formidable opponents, making each encounter more difficult and exciting than the previous.

Tips and tricks

In Puppet Hockey Battle, placement is critical. Try to remain focused on your side of the field, ready to attack or defend as necessary. Predicting where the ball will travel after a shot can help you gain an advantage. Finally, remember that practice makes perfect, so keep playing to improve your skills!

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