Super Goalkeeper

Super Goalkeeper

Super Goalkeeper is a game for people who wish to feel what it's like to face hard shots and have always admired outstanding goalkeepers. In order to stop the other striker from putting the ball into the net, the player will control the symbolic gloves. The player will gain experience in proportion to the number of blocks successfully blocked. Attempt to become your preferred team's goalie! Imagine yourself on a spacious football field-the scene of your soccer team's upcoming match! Defend your team from hostile gunfire!

How to play

Stop the opposing team from scoring! Before starting to play, you must first select the gloves for the goalie. You have to develop into a true soccer goalie and keep your side from losing. Catch a lot of balls as they fly in your direction. Become a legendary goalie who can handle the ball with ease and even knock it away. Your squad's success is entirely up to you! Thus, join the game right away and keep them from escaping.In charge


Use your professional gloves to pretend to be a goalie and make accurate click-based ball captures.

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