Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat is ready! Unlock and enjoy fun and fast-paced baseball in an interesting block-batting game. Step up to the plate, grab your trusty cube bat, and unleash powerful shots. Your goal is simple: hit the curveballs and fastballs thrown at you while dodging paint bombs. Show off your batting abilities!

How to play

Make a flawless swing. Prepare for exhilarating gameplay as the stages become more difficult as you progress. Concentrate and time your swing correctly to send the ball soaring across the field. But take caution! Avoid incoming paint bombs, which might degrade your performance. With its blocky graphics and addicting gameplay, this baseball game will keep you entertained for hours. Strive to outperform your previous top score. Compete with your pals to see who can make the most home runs. It is time to demonstrate your hitting abilities and get over the fence.


When hitting the ball with a mouse, you can easily control your stroke's power.

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