Draw Dash

Draw Dash

In the Draw Dash challenge, start thinking of strategies to control the ball straight into the hoop and score points. Simply draw lines to get the ball into the basket. The more levels you complete, the more advanced the challenge becomes. Experience this exciting new basketball feeling. Avoid oncoming opponents and overcome complex obstacles to score goals. Deciding which path the ball takes through your creativity happens in a short time.

How to play

You control the basketball by swiping your finger, which determines its trajectory toward the hoop. Pay attention to the layout of the field and your opponent's position. Draw strategic paths around them, and guide your ball to score.

Tips and tricks

Quick thinking and smart strategies are the keys to success in Draw Dash. Using minimal strokes will yield higher scores. When your opponents are concentrated near the basket, use longer routes. Observe the ball's position to determine the line that generates the highest success rate after each line drawing.

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