Surfer Cat

Surfer Cat

Enjoy watching us do cool, artsy surfing tricks with Surfer Cat! Prepare to take control of a surfing cat whose primary goal is to collect as many seashells as possible. At the same time, avoid clashing with the numerous obstacles along the road. Surf the most incredible waves you can imagine and put your reflexes to the test. Pass through dozens of complicated and perilous stages to gradually get towards the final line. Do not give up in the face of peril; instead, react fast!

How to play

The cat chose an unsuitable location to catch a large wave. Your objective is to steer the board so that the cat can avoid rocks and other obstacles. If you hit a rock unexpectedly, the cat will tumble into the river, and its troupe will disband. In addition, a little stone may occur on the path, which is quite dangerous; you must change the water path to avoid it. The more you row, the more points you get, and you have a chance to grab first place on the leaderboard.


Expert clicking allows you to easily accomplish incredible surfing maneuvers.

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