Football Stars

Football Stars

What surprises will happen between famous Bollywod football players in the 90s match on the Football Stars field? Start the play button now and discover exciting soccer gameplay. The rules remain the same as the actual soccer rules. What you need to do is control the character's ability to move flexibly to gain the right to hold the ball in his hand. Being proactive in action brings better results for scoring goals. 

What are the outstanding differences in the game?

The real appeal here is that you can easily choose players from the Bollywood region. Robot opponents are something to be careful of in order to stay ahead in scoring. Observe the opponent's movements to make decisions about the character's moves. The match takes place in a short time, so the strategy when playing needs to be carefully devised.

How to play

The more rewards you earn, the more chances you have to unlock famous characters. Immerse yourself in the role and experience the emotions of making strategic soccer kicks on the field. Understand the controls well to perform highly successful actions.

  • Move forward or backward with the right and left arrow keys.
  • Shoot the ball in a straight line when pressing the D key.
  • Shoot the ball higher when pressing the A key.
  • The character jumps up and hits his head when he clicks the up arrow.

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