Super Soccer Noggins

Super Soccer Noggins

Super Soccer Noggins takes you to exciting stadium competitions between famous soccer players. Intense one-on-one competition with dribbling, passing, and deception skills. The ultimate goal is to win with a higher score within 60 seconds. When you enter the arena, you have the right to represent your favorite national team and participate in heart-pounding matches. The game unleashes countless unique features and elements that combine harmoniously to create an engaging and exciting soccer match. Pursue victory with passion as players progress through exhilarating duels. 

The game of soccer is not only famous for its technical moves but also for its tactics. This contributes to success. When you properly plan your movements and control the ball, it will be easier to score a goal. The AI opponent is really flexible and knows how to analyze the direction of movement well. Therefore, you need to prepare a good coping strategy.

How to play

Observe to defend and create opportunities to attack the opponent's goal. Flexibility in foot coordination and heading the ball. The higher the score, the closer the chance to win the championship cup. Every action can be controlled through:

  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • The character jumps up when clicking the up arrow key.
  • Shoot the ball when clicking the X, space, or down arrow keys.

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